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Create groups to share important dates, addresses and preferences amongst loved ones.

Naked Clay

Behind the Gift

Naked Clay Ceramics

When we wrap something up as a gift, we are not just wrapping up the item, we are also wrapping up the time and energy spent to create it. A gift is an emblem of multiple things. It is an emblem of your love or gratitude, but it is also emblematic of its creator’s imagination, vision, passion and dedication.

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Who do you need a gift for?







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It's definitely the best gift I ever received.

Lex Pluthero

28, London

Emblem takes the stress and hassle out of gift-giving. They work closely with you to deliver a range of options to select from, ensuring you select the perfect gift for that someone special. For people who are busy or struggling to find the right gift, Emblem is the answer!

Alex Farmer

Alex Farmer

31, London

Thank you for making it so easy.

Marjorie Stone

65, Miami

Thanks to Emblem, I’m now going to be the most creative gift giver in town! Emblem made the gifting process easy, enjoyable, and super reliable.

Nicole Repka

Nicole Repka

30, Chicago

I love to give, but I was always very intimidated by the gifting process. Emblem makes it easy for me, but I still get the joy and satisfaction of choosing a great gift. My wife recently admitted to me on our 32nd wedding anniversary, that thanks to Emblem, I am now the better gifter!

Dean Jernigan

Dean Jernigan

75, Miami

For the past year in thanks to Emblem, I have been receiving the most thoughtful, beautiful, and TIMELY gifts!

Kristi Jernigan

58, Miami

Emblem took the anxiety out of gift giving but left the fun parts to me! The options were unique and personal - some even supported local small businesses which is important to us. My concierge also kept me on track, giving me a friendly (and much needed!) nudge for time sensitive gifts. The best part was the reaction. It's true what they say: it's much better to give than to receive.

Aimee Richardson

Aimee Richardson

34, San Jose


Alessandra de Dreuille

34, London

The book arrive today. It's so special. Now I know exactly who to come to for unique gift ideas!

Toby Ansin

80, Miami