Large Fry

Large Fry

By Great Jones


Product Description

Our nonstick skillet (also known as a frying pan) is made with a safe, nontoxic German ceramic coating that's healthy for both you and planet Earth. Read: no bad chemicals or Teflon.

Plus, this oven-safe skillet is fully clad, meaning stainless steel is bonded with aluminum to ensure your food heats quickly and evenly. Our signature handle hugs your palm and stays as cool as it looks. Large Fry is about two inches larger than Small Fry; you can fit up to five eggs inside (as opposed to two). It’s great if you cook often for a family, or just want to enjoy a 10-inch Personal Pancake.

  • Dimensions
    10 ¼” diameter
    2” tall
  • Materials
    Stainless steel exterior, ceramic nonstick interior
    • Weight (empty)
      ¾ lbs
    • Volume
      2 ¼ qts
    • Color
      Silver (Stainless)

    Made with 🌈 in London

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