Wooden Paddle Boards for Pizza

Wooden Paddle Boards for Pizza

By Casa de los Gigantes

$61.99 - $184.99

Product Description

A round wood cutting board with a handle is the perfect addition to your set of pizza tools. A hardwood cutting board is always classic, and this pizza board is no exception. Handmade in Guatemala using sustainably harvested teak, this wooden paddle board is both practical and beautiful. It is reversible, has a hole in the handle so that it can be hung up, and shows off the natural grains of teak. And the handle keeps your hands safe from burns!


A wooden cutting board can also be used as a serving board, which means you can easily slide your homemade pizza (or even a store bought one, shhh!) onto this board and it will automatically look more elegant. Perfect for serving a pizza just for yourself or for a large group, this round serving board will be timeless.


Teak is prized for being a naturally durable wood, so this board should last you a long time, and help you cut and serve many, many pizzas.


Item details:

  • Material: Sustainably harvested teak wood
  • Small pizza board dimensions: 12 x 16.5 x 1" thick
  • Medium pizza board dimensions: 14 x 23 x 1" thick
  • Large pizza board dimensions: 16 x 26 x 1" thick Colors: The natural colors of teak wood*
  • *Please note that each wooden paddle board will have slight variations due to teak’s natural colors and grains*
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Directly from the artisan


Care and Maintenance:

Caring for a teak wood cutting board is easy! Wash it by hand it in soap and water and dry it immediately. Do not soak it in water and do not wash it in a dishwasher. To add a shine to your board, we recommend using a natural mineral oil.

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