Porcelain “T” Mug

Porcelain “T” Mug

By New York Times Store


Product Description

Tout The Times with your morning pick-me-up. This handcrafted 12 oz. porcelain mugs is made by artisans in Nagasaki. Its perfect, tapered shape in your hand makes every sip a delight.

Our handmade mugs from Japan are a perfect example of an ordinary object with extraordinary charm and appeal. The mugs are produced with ancient artisan techniques from more than 400 years ago, and yet their elegant texture, smooth form and softly tapered profile make them perfect in the modern home.

Perfect for coffee, tea or chocolate, each mug displays The Times “T” logo and helps you drink in the day’s news. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Comes gift boxed.

Depending on the glaze, a bit of color gradation and inconsistency may be seen, but that doesn’t affect the outstanding quality of each mug.

Made with 🌈 in London

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