Cooking Apron

Cooking Apron

By New York Times Store


Product Description

NYT Cooking helps home cooks discover the world’s best recipes while also helping them become better, more competent cooks. The Times Store expands the love of cooking and food with well-designed products like our denim Cooking Apron made by EVERYBODY.WORLD, the maker of thoughtful, eco-friendly goods.

The next time you’re preparing a Times recipe, put on our practical, durable apron and feel like a master chef. Whether tackling lemon roasted chicken wings or spinach risotto with Taleggio cheese, our Cooking Apron will protect you from sauce splatter and grease stains while making you look like a well-read expert in the kitchen.

Though aprons are a familiar line of defense in the kitchen, they also provided protection in The Times’s Composing Room, where workers assembled pages by hand before the digital era. Aprons shielded workers from ink and contained pockets to store tools of the trade, like metal rulers and X-acto knives.

We’ve updated the utilitarian apron, adding NYT Cooking’s signature red on the straps and stitching. The apron has two centered front waist-high pockets and contains an adjustable strap, so the garment can be lowered or raised, depending on your size. It's made of heavyweight 10-ounce bull denim, 100% cotton fabric, giving it the heft to hold up during cooking wars in the kitchen or by the outside grill.

It was produced in America by EVERYBODY.WORLD, a champion of garment workers’ rights. The Times has written, “If you need proof that retail is changing, just look at Everybody World, a direct-to-consumer label in Los Angeles that eschews the traditional retail structure (and its limitations), to produce ethical, environmentally sound basics (some made entirely from recycled materials) that are anything but boring.”

Made with 🌈 in London

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