Be Well Divination Gift Set

Be Well Divination Gift Set

By Elements fo Aura


Product Description

The Be Well Divination Gift Set encourages your loved one to connect to a deepest sense of truth in order to engage in radical healing towards an overall state of wellbeing. 


  • Be Well Ritual Kit: A complete kit designed to encourage you to begin a path to discovering spiritual wellness + inner clarity. Included in the kit is aromatherapy mist, Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline Crystals, Palo Santo Smoke Wash Stick and simple ritual instructions. 
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  • Mini Rose Quartz Divination Pendulum: A beautiful tool to use to connect with your higher self. When holding a dowsing pendulum and asking a question, it is said that the nerves in your body send electromagnetic signals causing it to react according to your true self response. 
  • Amber + Cannabis Candle: Sophisticated and luxurious. Notes of the woods and seductive amber dance with hemp smoke to take you on a euphoric trip.
  • Matchbox

    Made with 🌈 in London

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