Untitled, Sherry Lee

Untitled, Sherry Lee

By Jiggy Puzzles


Product Description

Sherry Lee, a self-taught gouache and watercolor artist from San Diego currently living in the Bay Area. Her artistic journey began by following a multitude of different pursuits, including-but not limited to- fashion, DIY projects, video-making, graphic design, jewelry creation, singing, baking, and, of course, art and painting.

Although she grew up drawing and coloring since she could hold a crayon, she first dabbled with watercolor in 2015 when she decided to paint her own wedding invitations. It wasn't until the summer of 2018 when she began painting more often and sharing more of her art on Instagram and at art shows. Sherry worked in marketing for nine years before leaving her job to pursue a full-time creative career.

Sherry's specialties include painting colorful flowers, plants, buildings and food inspired by her travels, parent's backyard, and everyday life.

See more of her work here. Follow her here.

Materials: ink on 500pc puzzle, 14 x 19 inches complete 

Proceeds of JIGGY Originals go the artists directly as well as the Artist Relief fund, supporting artists of all disciplines facing financial emergencies due to Covid-19. 

Made with 🌈 in London

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