The Wishing Weed, Nancy Joyce

The Wishing Weed, Nancy Joyce

By Jiggy Puzzles


Product Description

Nancy Hilliard Joyce is a representational mixed-media artist whose work is often layered with bits of surreal overtones. She lives and creates out of her home studio located in Concord, NC. Hilliard Joyce’s paintings move through various themes, exploring each with vibrant color, gestural line, and at times with tactile bases of handmade paper. Her work is appreciated and widely collected throughout the world in many homes, hotels, corporate offices, and airports. She is known as a contemporary, mixed-media artist with an Americana flair.

See more of her work here. Follow her here

Materials: paint on 500pc puzzle

Proceeds of JIGGY Originals go the artists directly as well as the Artist Relief fund, supporting artists of all disciplines facing financial emergencies due to Covid-19. 

Made with 🌈 in London

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