The Pink Set 6

The Pink Set 6

By St. John's Restaurant


Product Description

Roquefort Corail Rosé 2019
St. JOHN Beausoleil Rosé 2019
Bagnol Cassis Rosé 2018
St. Mitre Cuvée M Rosé 2018
Pithon Mon P`tit Pithon Rosé 2018
Chaintres Hirondelles Saumur Rosé 2019

We hear tales of sales of that, shall we say, "Whispering Vestal" or "Pedalo rosé"… Well if it’s in the name we thought that Beausoleil expressed what we wanted our own rosé to be about – glorious sunshine, friends, dappled courtyards, good food... Pale in colour, with a happy austerity to the red fruit flavours, it is clean and refreshing to a long finish. That’s a good start and leads us to an excellent selection of individual rosés, each with character, place and hopefully a smile.

Bagnol’s rosé is the spirit of Cassis, the beautiful little port. Wonderfully fresh and crisp, with delicate fruit, Trevor remembers Jean-Louis’ face when we asked to place that first order all those years ago – we were given some cases, we must have passed the test subsequently! Further inland we have St. Mitre’s true Provençal Cuvée M and it’s all that you’d expect - raspberry, blackberry, clean acidity, fresh and some nectarines in the finish. Chateau de Roquefort’s Corail - well the colour is in the name! Five grapes, all biodynamically farmed, go into the annual assemblage of the Corail. This is the wine that allows Victoria to use the words cantaloupe and rock melon in her tasting notes! Fresh, good acidity and balance and touches of raspberry too. And finally, from the foothills of the Pyrenees in haut Roussillon there is the Mon P’tit Pithon rosé. The Mediterranean sparkles in the distance but the winds bring a freshness to the vineyard, a hint of the sea and the garrigue, notes of southern melon and a little spice… A brightening box indeed. We need to know that Summer is out there somewhere just now and this a good way to get there!

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